Which Animal is Your Spirit Animal

The talk about spirit animals is always done lightly and with a sense of silliness. Nevertheless, while most of us are earnest about the pet we get, it’s usually a fun way of talking about the animals we relate with. Usually, choosing a pet highly depends on one’s character.

In today’s world, most societies have warmed up to the virtue of spirit animals. Americans, for example, connect the concept of spirit animals to their ancestors. Additionally, religions like Hindi and Islam see them as the physical presence of their gods.

Understanding Spirit Animals

Spirit animals are guides or protectors on a person’s journey that also share that person’s characteristics. It is also used as a metaphor to show admiration for something or someone.

Spirit animals are, therefore, a mirror reflection of a person’s character and personality. Here’s a look at some of the most common spirit animals.


Think about uncensored love, random entertainment, and unlimited security of devoted companionship. These traits top the countless benefits we get from our canine friends. People with a dog as their spirit animal are good at accurately judging their feelings, sometimes even aggressive, and taking care of and protecting others.

All in all, dogs improve the lives of their owners. Every dog breed has unique qualities and personalities that it evokes in a person.


A cat is a manifestation of the courage to venture into unknown territories. A cat as a spirit animal represents patience, independence, wisdom, playfulness, and curiosity. By extension, it is connected to the spirit of exploration because of its capability to roam in dark spaces. Having a cat as your spirit animal represents a personality of venturing into the unknown, inspired, and curious.

However, there’s always a tussle between dog and cat lovers about which pet is the best. This Nuwber article tries to put an end to this never-ending debate.


A butterfly is usually connected to beauty or peace of mind. It represents hope, change, comfort, and positivity. People connected to the butterfly totem show a personality of accepting change with eloquence and inner realization and are in general hopeful. Of all animals connected to spirituality, the butterfly is connected to personal transformation.


Just like cats, deer exude coolness and sensitivity. Deer also exemplify kindness, peace, sensitivity, and intuition. Having a deer as your totem molds you to accommodate others and lets you pick up on things with unnoticeable details. You also know the value of life and are quick to help people who have been through hardships. You can achieve this by touching the hearts of those wounded and showing them kindness and unconditional love.


It represents strength, the ability to evolve, and open-mindedness. Spiritually, it is a symbol of grounding forces and strength. When a bear becomes your spirit animal, you can rest assured of renewed strength and abilities. Sometimes, it allows one to accept authoritative roles or demand respect. When faced with adversity, you hold firm to your beliefs and can bond strongly with the divine forces for assistance. 


Wolves have an admirable ability to communicate. If you’re attracted to the wolf as your guide, you are more likely to be someone with a warm personality. Usually, these people are family-oriented, playful, team builders, and with great levels of self-control.

Wolves teach us how to control our instincts, balance our livelihoods, and control personal abilities.


As a sign of spirituality, a horse is a positive omen. They are embodied in a rare combination of beauty, drive, passion for freedom, and are confident. Among all other animals, a horse is popularly known for showing strong motivation and emotional control.

It is also highly associated with friendliness and being loved by others. These people are competitive and hate losing.


They are heavily connected to the power of the life force or primal energy. It represents the ability to transform everything around you. Having a snake as your spirit animal attracts healing, spiritual assistance, primal energy, and transformation. It also represents nature’s energy and reminiscence of inner subconscious driving forces.

People with this totem always go through different stages and transformations throughout their lives.


For generations, Americans have highly associated eagles with spirituality and higher energies. This predatory animal represents energy conservation, sharp vision, ambition, fortitude, and willpower.

An eagle is a pearl of significant higher wisdom. It attracts authority and self-consciousness. This spirit animal gives you the power to be undisturbed by life’s hardships. If you identify with this as your spirit animal, you hate living below your capability and are intrinsically pushed to achieve more.

The Importance of Spirit Animals

Spirit animals play an essential role in one’s life. They guide people on how to live their best life and handle situations during hardships. Spirit animals help us live a well-balanced life by getting our priorities right. Each of them is a manifestation of hope and offers a unique way of providing guidance.

Knowing the Right Spirit Animal for You

According to ancient beliefs, you cannot choose your spirit animal; it is the one to find you. Luckily, we have a few pointers to help you tell what your spirit animal is and be able to tell when it presents itself in your life.

You can tell your spirit animal by identifying which animal you are most attracted to, gender, or age. You could also ask for assistance from spiritual leaders or mentors during meditation. Other people consider consulting a medium or specialist to help them find their spirit animals.

Conversely, there’s no wrong or right way of finding your spirit animal. What’s important is to connect with it when it shows up.


Spirit animals always surround us. Knowledge of their existence and our ability to connect with them offers a unique interaction with these creatures. Getting them as pets is an even greater opportunity to grow as a person. You get maximum benefits by learning from them through daily observation and developing strong relationship bonds with them. The best thing about spirit animals is that they will stick with you for a lifetime and sometimes through lineages.


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